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THORN Lighting Group
Complete range of lighting fittings for indoor and outdoor use:
• Floodlights,
• Street and tunnel lighting systems,
• Luminaires for city beautification
• Illumination of buildings and monuments,
• Indoor fluorescent luminaires,
• Illumination systems with fiber optics,

Concord Lighting Ltd
• Architectural range of functional lighting

Eclatec SA
• Architectural outdoor lighting fittings

Αgabekov Lighting SA
• Linear lighting systems for indoor and outdoor illumination

Kalmar Leuchten GmbH
• Crystal luminaries and decorative lighting systems

3 Ε Ιnternational SA
• Architectural outdoor lighting

F. W. Thorpe PLC (Thorlux Lighting)
• Industrial lighting fittings

• Downlighters for indoor applications.


Trilux- Lenze KG
• High-level indoor illumination systems.
• Wards and intensive care lighting and supply systems.

WE-EF Leuchten GmbH
• Architectural outdoor lighting fittings

G. C. Illumination SRL (Lic. Alcatel)
• Street luminaires,
• Tunnel and underpass luminaires
• Floodlights

Kreon NV
• Architectural illumination.

AC/DC Lighting Systems Ltd
• Architectural lighting with the use of LED

Wibre Leuchten GmbH
• Underwater lighting fittings

Arlus Eclairage SA
• Fluorescent lighting fittings.

OMS Lighting SA
• Fluorescent lighting fittings.

Durlum Leuchten GmbH
• Special lighting systems - reflectors for the redirection of the daylight and the artificial lighting

    Airport and heliport lighting   STEEL POLES    

ΤHORN Airfield Lighting Division
• Complete range of airfield and heliport lighting systems

Calzoni SPA
• Heliport lighting

• Obstruction lighting systems

Lighting management systems

LUXMATE Controls GmbH
• Lighting management systems for the control of artificial lighting, shading and light

• Lighting control systems


Complete range of steel poles and masts:
• Public lighting poles
• High masts
• Energy transportation masts
• Telecommunication poles

• Public lighting poles
• Decorative lighting poles

• Die-cast poles

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