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GENERAL ELECTROMECHANICAL WORKS LTD was founded in 1980. We deal with professional lighting and we provide services related to this field. Our advantage is that we represent more than 20 well known firms specialized in lighting sector, operating in the international market, including three industries manufacturing poles and masts, as well as a firm specialized in control lighting systems. Operating in such environment, allows us to combine knowledge from research and new technologies and enables us to prepare sophisticated lighting studies and provide technical support.
We offer materials and lighting systems, as well as we make lighting designs which meet the demands of client with low purchase cost, low installation cost and energy saving.

We are dealing with indoor and outdoor lighting, control lighting systems, lighting poles and energy transport masts as well as airport and heliport lighting.

One of our main concerns is the development of systems achieving the spread of natural light indoors and the combination of natural with artificial lighting.

Combining our experience with the knowledge from research and new technologies from the collaborating companies, enables us to prepare sophisticated lighting studies and provide technical support.
We provide consulting services in every stage of study or construction of any project, i.e. small projects up to complete lighting studies of urban areas or cities (master plan).
We work together with control lighting companies for the deploy of urban areas or whole cities by undertaking the maintenance and the operation of street lighting, as well as traffic lighting and city beautification.
We are aiming to individuals, to companies, to public services, to municipalities and to contractors of self-financed project, where quality and exploitation cost are important factors as well.

We can provide the following study services:
• Lighting studies of professional lighting of indoors or outdoors spaces
• Lighting studies of sophisticated architectural projects for indoor and outdoor areas
• Lighting studies for industrial facilities, railway station, ports etc.
• Lighting studies of special projects like museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites and monuments
• Lighting studies for streets and motorways, also for substructure projects, tunnels etc
• Master plan for lighting of an urban area or a whole city
• Airport and heliport lighting
• Studies for saving energy through use of lighting control systems
• Daylight control, blind systems and artificial light control combined to the daylight for interior areas.
• Technical support
In collaboration with important companies in our field of activity, we develop independent lighting projects and we participate in the following committees :
• Hellenic Illumination Committee
• Association française de l’éclairage
• Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

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